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Basic dance:
A (Rumba), B (Paso doble 1st highlight), C (Cha Cha), D (Cha Cha)
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(fee is per couple)
Closing date for entries is the 23rd September 2023
All competitions conducted under the rules 
of the British Dance Council.
Two Dance Challenge entries must enter a minimum 2 single dances
Three Dance Challenge entries must enter a minimum 3 single dances
Four Dance Challenge entries must enter a minimum 4 single dances
Scholarship entries must enter 
a minimum 5 single dances
Please note: Pro-Am Open Championship includes dancing live to the Empress orchestra in the evening. (must also purchase the following: all five singles, scholarship and after party)
Please note, there will be an extra basic dance in all three scholarships A, B, C, D. Check the chart below for your reference.
Important notice:
Owing to the unfortunate circumstances at the 2012 London Ball, it is forbidden to pour Oil or Water on to the Carpets/flooring within the InterContinental Hotel.
The use of any kind of Tanning products including Sprays, Creams or Self Tanning lotions and Nail varnish is also banned. If you are caught using these prohibited items on the premises you risk being fined £100 each time or you could be disqualified from the Competition.
Please note all entry fees are non-refundable.
Please note: champagne after party is by strict invitation only. Tickets are available for order prior to the event.
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